Photoshoter Classic

Mobile photographers take photos of participants in any kind of event you arranged. They give photos in a special stickered border as a gift to people thanks to the equipments of our photographers.In that way, your brand become memorable for years by that photos.


*Hard copy size 10x15cm, estimated print time 45 seconds.

*Borders are specially stickered. You can not take out photos.

*We have different kinds of borders like with sticker-magnets,scratch-offs,foots with holders,aromatics and promotion codes.

*Photos taken during and after the event are delivered to you.

*Here are the numbers of crew members and photos they are able to take. ( +1 means a supervisor to support progress of event.)


1+1 Photoshoter crew is able to take 200 photos.

2+1 Photoshoter crew is able to take 400 photos.

3+1 Photoshoter crew is able to take 600 photos.

4+1 Photoshoter crew is able to take 800 photos.

5+1 Photoshoter crew is able to take 1000 photos.


*Photoshoter is mobile, can work everywhere without electricity.

*Photoshoter is fast, photos are prepared with special borders in a minute.

*Photoshoter is memorable. Your brand remains alive as photos are kept.

*Photoshoter is technological. It uses brand new electronic devices.

*Photoshoter is fun. It works with  well-trained and amusing crews.