How do you make an offer?

It is enough to inform us by sending an e-mail . You will be replied as soon as possible.


Prices are made according to number of photos you need and crews we assigned.

What does price include?

Crew, equipment, travelling and eating are included in prices. Prices depend on the number of crews.

How many photos can be given?

One photographer is able to give 200-250 photos in a one-day event during 7-8 hours.

Do you change your prices depending on amount of photos?

No, more or less photos  do not change prices, we make our prices related to crews and we bring extra equipment to events in case of requirements.

How do you define number of crews?

One photographer can give 200-250 photos in a day. According to the amount of photos you need, we make crews including 2,3 or 5 people. 5 people can take print and border 1000 in a day. Crews can be 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 5+1 or 10+2.

What does "+1" mean in crews?

A supervisor leads to photographers in events and +1 means the supervisor. Supervisors are supposed to fill in missing photographers, supplying equipments. In this way, supervisor ensures taking photograph nonstop during events.

Are there anything we should do after deciding to work with you?

We take care of the borders after we get the visual design of them. We deliver the photos after the event. You do not have to care about anything.

How do you have the photographs?

All photographs taken in the event are given by DVD.